Land for cottages

We rent out lots to people that want to build a cottage in Iceland. The land is named Birkihlíð (“Birch hill”) and is at our farm, Kalastaðir in Hvalfjörður.  The farm is on the northern side of Hvalfjörður and the lots face south. Vegetation is mostly birch trees and blueberry scrubs. The view is magnificent and covers the entire fjord. The land is sheltered and you can enjoy the sun from morning until evening.

Our aim was to have large and beautiful lots with a unified look and vegetation that would not hinder the view from the lots.   The architect did not disappoint us.  In order to fulfill this, only plants native to Iceland are allowed and the houses must be in wood colors with black roofs in order to blend in with the vegetation.

The surrounding area offers diverse recreation. The lakes in Svínadalur where you can go fishing are only 5 km away, the local swimming pool is about 2 km away and a larger pool in Akranes about 20 km from Birkihlíð. There are also many hiking trails in Hvalfjörður, among those is the trail over to Þingvellir, over to Skorradalur or to Glymur the second highest waterfall in Iceland.

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For more information, please contact Thorvaldur at 663 2712, Brynja at 840 1225 or